Real Estate Services

We help our clients make smooth and effective transitions through technology and benefit them from reduced costs while improving efficiency and quality. That is the power of our IoT applications. There is still a misconception that real estate does not mix well with technology but we think it’s time to break the myth. If you have a growing real estate organization, it needs to be perfectly aligned with technology so that you can keep track of your business operations and increase your organization’s growth.


How We Help Your Business?

We transform your property into a smart building. With our IoT solutions, you can:

  • Monitor and cut energy costs
  • Create right work environment at your workplace
  • Raise the productivity of your employees
  • Deploy and integrate security measures
  • Why Choose Us?

    At the enterprise level, we can strategize and offer end-to-end IoT solutions through ideation and innovation. We have worked with some of the biggest real estate companies in the market and we are proud to say that they were a hundred percent satisfied with our hard work.

    Easily Monitor and Control Systems across Your Property

    We can develop applications that allow you to monitor and control various systems across your property. Our solutions flawlessly integrate with various systems, field devices, and equipment that control occupancy, access, lighting, energy consumption, air conditioning, hydraulics, electrical equipment and many more.

    Our Service Offerings

    We develop IoT real estate solutions that help you

    • Access humidity, air quality and temperature data of each facility
    • Monitor occupancy in open spaces and conference rooms
    • Become aware of real time door status of each floor
    • Control multiple systems, facilities, and sites, etc

    Do you want to know more about our IoT real estate solutions? For demos, call us today.