Cloud App Migration Services

Excellence Tech’s Cloud Migrating services help your organization to seamlessly move data to the cloud, whether you are developing a new aspplication or transferring an on and off shelf package. Driven through efficiency and flexibility, our services include both monitoring and migration solutions through a PaaS or IaaS cloud platform.


How We Help Your Business?

There is a high possibility of uncertainty on how the cloud can offer benefits. Your company can extract benefits from the cloud if you select us as your cloud migration partner. We help you in:

  • Avoiding duplication of cloud migration cost and effort
  • Identifying the applications that are essential for moving to cloud
  • Selection of appropriate cloud for performing business tasks smoothly
  • Grow Your Business with Us

    With our help, you can migrate your data and application to the cloud in a fast and reliable manner. We have a deep understanding of every little bug that could surface when cloud systems and legacy systems mesh. We can perform large-scale migrations for your business by deploying the industrial methods and tools. At the same time, we also combine insights with our industry knowledge for driving innovations and transforming complicated environments into high-performance engines.

    Run Business Smoothly In Hybrid Environments

    Today, high performing organizations are skillfully combining public and private clouds with the existing systems for enhancing business performance. And there is no reason why your organization should fall behind.

    Our Services

    Our enterprise application migration services offer long ranging, robust and detailed methodologies to migrate large application portfolios to cloud platforms. Our reliable, tested tools can help you with:

    • Application assessment
    • Application inventory
    • Code analysis
    • Migration planning
    • Migration execution

    All this is done by first understand what application you are running, who are using them, how often they are used and in which language they are written. With our cloud app migration services, you can determine your growth plan, choosing the suitable migration path, and more.

    Give us a call today and we will deploy the right cloud app migration plan for attaining the best outcome.