About us

Located in both Kolkata and Manchester, Excellence Tech’s main aim has always been to simplify the technological needs of its clients. With a dedicated workforce of 86 employees, we combine our passion for innovation, business operation expertise and client satisfaction to deliver supremely efficient solutions to you.

We help enterprises achieve both efficiency and cost effectiveness in their business processes, & at the same time come up with new innovative technologies to unleash the true potential of organizations.


What makes us different?

Our ability to help our clients make the best of both opportunities and challenges is what makes us different. We can help increase your organization’s productivity by ensuring that the daily vital business processes work better, faster and of course, cheaper. And with our visionary experts, we help you transform and expand legacy models to take your business to the next level.We always follow an inventive approach when it comes to delivering business solutions, while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Contact us today with all your requirements or queries and we would love to help you out.